Aly Owens
Product Manager
Building products and teaching others how
Upskill PM Course
(Jan 17th - March 5th)
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This course is a set of online video classes, exercises and templates you can use at your job as a pm.
Each week we do homework and submit the assignments. Course syllabus:

1. What types of PMs are there?

Technical product manager

Business product manager

Know the difference: Project manager vs product manager vs product owner vs program manager.

2. Creating a product Why? What? and How?

Creating vision

Build Business Model Canvas

Long term strategy vs short term goals and OKRs.

3. Planning

What's backlog and basics of scrum methodology

Project planning, building milestones and the basics of project planning

Risk assessment (RISE), remediation planning, etc.

Roadmap planning sessions: How to.

4. Metrics we care about.

Define the metrics that are important to the product success

Data analytics

5. Tell Your story

Product presentation to leadership

6. Interview

Resume Workshop

Interview prep

About me
I love the job of a product manager because I have a real impact on the product and its development. A product needs nurture and ability to communicate well, negotiate, listen and think forward.

I specialize in growing product adoption by building and fostering organic community around it, making data driven decisions, forming and leading the strategy for my products.


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