Team Job Descriptions
Now, depending on the company, it's size and complexity, you might have both program and product managers.

Product management is strategically driving the development, market launch, and continual support and improvement of its products.

Program management involves identifying and coordinating the interdependencies among projects, products, and other important strategic initiatives across an organization.

A classic development team will consist of a product manager who, in scrum world, is a product owner. A dev lead (often an architect or the most senior developer on the team) often may take a role of a scrum master. I have seen the most successful scrum masters playing their own role, not being both dev leads and scrum masters. A classic dev team will consist of a few developers and one UI designer. If the team is lucky they might have a separate business analyst and a QA (quality assurance). There are so many team structures that we should discuss them during our live class.

Before we meet on Saturday, please, view this video of traditional team structure

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