We strive to empower domestically abused women by providing safety and education.
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About Matriarchy.Love
matriarchy.love empowers domestically abused women to run to shelters in Ukraine, where they can get a temporary home, safe space for them and their children. They go through therapy and also business trainings to land better jobs and financial freedom.
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Upskill PM Course


1.What types of PMs are there? 
  • Technical product manager
  • Business product manager
  • Know the difference: Project manager vs product manager vs product owner vs program manager. 
2.Creating a product Why? What? and How? 
  • Creating vision
  • Build Business Model Canvas
  • Long term strategy vs short term goals and OKRs.
  • What's backlog and basics of scrum methodology
  • Project planning, building milestones and the basics of project planning
  • Risk assessment (RISE), remediation planning, etc. 
  • Roadmap planning sessions: How to. 

4.Metrics we care about.
  • Define the metrics that are important to the product success
  • Data analytics
5.Tell Your story 
  • Product presentation to leadership
  • Your product manager resume
6.Tips to be a successful product manager
  • Sales
  • Stakeholder management
  • leadership skills
  • Interview prep